A list of movies by Director Tasciotti

In approximate order of their production date-starts. This is a linear listing and does not reflect the overlapping chronology of the actual production methods of Tasciotti.

  1. 1960's-1970's Home movies (as subject)
  2. Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Burning 1973 (1st A.D.)
  3. Greatest American Hero 1982 (as actor)
  4. World War Mud 1982 (directorial debut)
  5. Passage to Another Globe 1983
  6. The A. A. Team 1984
  7. Legend of Finchville -Story of Michelle Novacich 1990-1993 
  8. Smurf Krishna Butter Thief 1993
  9. Xboa Tribe 1993
  10. Edmund Haffmans' Home w/ Carpenter Peter "Appleseed" Tasciotti
  11. The Instant Messenger Mission 2002
  12. Protesters 2003
  13. In Search of Myster Ey 2004
  14. War of the Worlds (not director)
  15. Gold Mine Gang 2009
  16. MicroCandy MacroCandy Game 2010 (in production)
  17. Your Durty Wizurd 2011
  18. Life and Death of Youtube Shooter 2018
  19. Heyvazealia Keyboa_
  20. The Immortals Redeemed 2020 (on hold, due to litigation)
  21. Movies of Tasciotti (35 year retrospective of works)
  22. Copenhagen Gems 2020 (in post-production)
  23. TimeSpace Chronicles - Wave #F
  24. New York City to Me
  25. Los Angeles to Me

Many more movies were available on,, and other wesbites now defunct or gone for whatever reason (that the shadow rulers deemed for censorship).  But never fear, more Tasciotti movies will be released very soon.  It is inevitable.  It is impending... doom for the false controllers. Movie Director Tasciotti and the Studio of MILKYY MEDIA is the one to watch!!!