Peter E. Tasciotti movies on VHS video being converted to Digital

Update!!! Conversion to digital and post production is really moving along!!!

Peter E. Tasciotti movies which were originally captured on VHS video were in the archvies.  Now they are being converted to Digital files, the arduous process, made possible by current state-of-the-art technological processes, circa 2018.  Tasciotti movies will be released and screened at film festivals.  Many gems are being discovered and made available for the entertainment of the hungry masses.  This collection of films is unique and never-seen-before!
Get it while it's hot, as they say in the kitchen.

Public release of many of the movies in Tasciotti Archives

This past Winter of February to March 2018 marks the commencement of the public release of many of Tasciotti's movies.  These movies had been stored in archvies and were not known to the public, only to those who were involved in production.

cf. The most popular website, IMDB's movie listing pages at

All connected with the artistic exploits and efforts of the auteur, Tasciotti

Another topic of interest (not a Tasciotti movie) it's world war concerns!

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