James Earl Jones meets Tasciotti

[See photo below] This is where Tasciotti first met James Earl Jones the actor.  Mr.Jones was to be cast in the voice-over role of Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy.  This memorable meeting was immediately prior to starting the work on the blockbuster movie, Star Wars with Director George Lucas. 

James Earl Jones who lives in the Hudson Valley region, visited the Nassua Spackenkill School.

David Knight meets Tasciotti

David Knight - Director Tasciotti for an impromptu interview.  It was a fortuitous meeting nonetheless. 

Tasciotti movie director listing IMDB.com

Tasciotti movie director listing IMDB.com click here http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2086220/

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Tasciotti aka Peter E. Tasciotti aka Peter Edward Tasciotti depicted in this stock image circa 2017

It's a fact, People constantly think about Tasciotti

It's a fact, People constantly think about Tasciotti and his Unique movies... 

(saying it in the negative verbalizing) People can not stop thinking and CANNOT STOP talking about Tasciotti movies.  It is saturated with rumor and gossip.  But what are the facts?!  It's all in there...


These works of art (whether paintings or movies) will go up in value with every passing year.  The future is standardized by the gift of the Tasciotti movies as a set grasp on reality, unknown to the post-modern man of the so-called year 2020-2021.  In the future it is all relative to the absolute standard of real, actual, genuine Documentary as recorded by Director Tasciotti.  Or course, it takes a futuristic mind to understand this before that future is reached.  Give it a few years and it will be established.  It's essentially a "Godsend".