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Academy Awards shocking incident | Chris Rock Will Smith

Will Smith Chris Rock honor vs. comedy



Almost couldn’t believe what happened at the 2022 Oscars ceremony, live broadcast a few hours ago. Chris Rock presenting the ceremony as a host. Will Smith as a nominee and audience member. Both Rock and Smith are Academy members — knowing that there are rules of conduct to uphold, in order to convey the overall public image of the Academy. Because of last night’s unscripted, spontaneous incident, the whole public relations nightmare is about to run wild! 


Movie production of Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Fire


the sample above is very rough, so we need to do more editing work on it. If you can help, that's great!

Movie production is happening on the historic event of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Fire.  

That event was about 48 years ago!  But we are working on never-before-seen footage!!  This is a genuine film movie, in that it includes actual FILM, celluloid medium.  The format is 8mm or Super 8mm (Super8).

We are requesting your support if you are interested to bring this out to the public domain and be a part of the historical record.  Contact us:

Or here are the crowdfunding links:  TBA