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Who is Matt Barbato?

 a/k/a Matthew Barbato

Matt Barbato quote: "I have very strong storytelling skills..." He sure does, like telling lies! and committing sins of omission! Barbato is an editor, excelling at censorship of the web.

Yet another lesson from the dark annals of the United States lofty movie industry, full of bloated losers and those who don't care where the money is coming from or what it's for.  They mumble, just guarantee me a paycheck so I can perpetuate the lie of superior culture on Planet Earth.
Bio: Matthew Barbato is from Wappinger Falls, New York.  After high school, he went to SUNY New Paltz.  It was a major in Philosophy.  (really? so philosophize what this is about)  After graduating University, Mr. Barbato went to New York City.  Several years later, he apparently relocated for work. He pursued a serious career in the illustrious and lucrative commercialized, soul-less Television industry and the Tinsel-town delusion of the mainstream movie industry.  He was a longtime employee of Nickelodeon.  These are the basic facts, nothing necessarily important or new about it. 

Peter Tasciotti met Matt Barbato in the early 19-80's.  This is how the facts are known.  It is part of the story of my life - a story of seeking the Truth.

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