Movie production of Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Fire


the sample above is very rough, so we need to do more editing work on it. If you can help, that's great!

Movie production is happening on the historic event of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Fire.  

That event was about 48 years ago!  But we are working on never-before-seen footage!!  This is a genuine film movie, in that it includes actual FILM, celluloid medium.  The format is 8mm or Super 8mm (Super8).

We are requesting your support if you are interested to bring this out to the public domain and be a part of the historical record.  Contact us:

Or here are the crowdfunding links:  TBA

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"Sir Edmund the Strange"

Appearing in a documentary of Truth

This unique character goes by the name of "Sir Edmund the Strange". He has been knighted by himself, because he is some kinda royalty (Sarcasm intended?)  But Tasciotti aka. Agaman (sp.Ahgamen) has known Edmund Haffmans as a friend for about 30 years, since the early 1990's!  That's a long-time however of late, there is some strife.  Before we get into that legal scenario, let's watch the movie and get some background.  Starting with the fact that Tasciotti has frequently over the years rendered hard-labor for Edmund Haffmans without monetary compensation.  In other words, factually speaking and definitely a statement of truth - Haffmans has gladly used the physical work and skilled services of Tasciotti (carpenter, builder, artist) on multiple occasions and at multiple locations/job-sites for NO MONETARY COMPENSATION, meaning that Haffmans did not pay anything, he paid no money to Tasciotti.  This was according to the spiritual principles of Tasciotti, as you can observe and listen to within the first ten minutes of this video - the Convo between Tasciotti and Reverend Carol Antun.  What Tasciotti was rendering in work and labor (legally not known as EMPLOYMENT) was also a part of an endearing friendship between himself and Edmund Haffmans.  This was not an arrangement which was intended to be then disrepected nor taken-advantage-of by Haffmans who, after all is said and done... well you can watch all the documentary material and decide for yourself!  Many more videos to be released for your edification. EDification!  

All rights reserved, under First Amendment and N.Y.State "one party consent legal statute"

Announcing 2 new Movies

Tasciotti Directore will announce these new movies now. Not that they are the only new ones "coming down the pike", but they will be announced herein as the two for consideration by interested fans. 

NEW YORK CITY TO ME - a Tasciotti movie


LOS ANGELES TO ME - a Tasciotti movie 

Why these? I wonder. It could be for the reason of giving relativity to my earlier film, FIRE 🔥 ON THE POUGHKEEPSIE RAILROAD BRIDGE.

We've got: Poughkeepsie, New York City and Los Angeles - Tasciotti was there. 

Tasciotti Peter drew this rendition of a City when he was age 6 years

Janeane Garafalo

Janeane Garafalo 

photo TBP.

I met Ms.Garafalo while she was very popular and active in the movie business. Of course, I asked for her autograph. She signed my copy of her book cowritten by Ben Stiller and her, Feel This Book.    I remark "of course" about autographs because I never usually ask for one. I don't have an autograph collection. How uncharacteristic of me that would be! I might instead GIVE autographs. 

Tasciotti pics Never before seen

Tasciotti enjoys this refreshing drink. It is PURPLE!

A picture can convey many words.  But that is dependent upon your perception capabilities. 

Pics of Movie Director Tasciotti

P. E. Tasciotti

Tasciotti acting in WORLD WAR MUD scifi movie


Tasciotti circa 2006

Tasciotti as Peter Appleseed in Jerusalem

Tasciotti and wife at FDR estate (President Roosevelt)

Tasciotti photography animations

These are some animation GIF files. Think of them as mini-movies from Tasciotti. Ahhh technology. And the short attention span. 

James Earl Jones meets Tasciotti

[See photo below] This is where Tasciotti first met James Earl Jones the actor.  Mr.Jones was to be cast in the voice-over role of Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy.  This memorable meeting was immediately prior to starting the work on the blockbuster movie, Star Wars with Director George Lucas. 

James Earl Jones who lives in the Hudson Valley region, visited the Nassua Spackenkill School.

David Knight meets Tasciotti

David Knight - Director Tasciotti for an impromptu interview.  It was a fortuitous meeting nonetheless. 

Tasciotti movie director listing

Tasciotti movie director listing click here

"PROTESTERS the Movie" playlist



Tasciotti aka Peter E. Tasciotti aka Peter Edward Tasciotti depicted in this stock image circa 2017

It's a fact, People constantly think about Tasciotti

It's a fact, People constantly think about Tasciotti and his Unique movies... 

(saying it in the negative verbalizing) People can not stop thinking and CANNOT STOP talking about Tasciotti movies.  It is saturated with rumor and gossip.  But what are the facts?!  It's all in there...


These works of art (whether paintings or movies) will go up in value with every passing year.  The future is standardized by the gift of the Tasciotti movies as a set grasp on reality, unknown to the post-modern man of the so-called year 2020-2021.  In the future it is all relative to the absolute standard of real, actual, genuine Documentary as recorded by Director Tasciotti.  Or course, it takes a futuristic mind to understand this before that future is reached.  Give it a few years and it will be established.  It's essentially a "Godsend".