Announcing 2 new Movies

Tasciotti Directore will announce these new movies now. Not that they are the only new ones "coming down the pike", but they will be announced herein as the two for consideration by interested fans. 

NEW YORK CITY TO ME - a Tasciotti movie


LOS ANGELES TO ME - a Tasciotti movie 

Why these? I wonder. It could be for the reason of giving relativity to my earlier film, FIRE 🔥 ON THE POUGHKEEPSIE RAILROAD BRIDGE.

We've got: Poughkeepsie, New York City and Los Angeles - Tasciotti was there. 

Tasciotti Peter drew this rendition of a City when he was age 6 years

Janeane Garafalo

Janeane Garafalo 

photo TBP.

I met Ms.Garafalo while she was very popular and active in the movie business. Of course, I asked for her autograph. She signed my copy of her book cowritten by Ben Stiller and her, Feel This Book.    I remark "of course" about autographs because I never usually ask for one. I don't have an autograph collection. How uncharacteristic of me that would be! I might instead GIVE autographs.