Tasciotti movies | father with children mother

Tasciotti world travels of family, father with two young children and mother

Touki in desert
And years later, the children are growing up

interesting documentary clip to watch.  

The story behind this movie clip video clip, documentary, true story, is Tasciotti in his alter ego as the founder of Keyboa_ tribe.  This family is one of the representations of the legendary "new yet ancient" Keyboa_ peoples.  These people are "noble nomads".  This is a real and raw clip, unedited and authentic, actual behvious of this radical new, enigmatic tribe.  Why a tribe?  Do you despise tribes?  Do you in your arrogant, postmodern nonsense hate tribes? Who can be so opinionated and close-minded?? Foolish persons who hate!  Wake up.  This is the only way to save the Earth. 

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